Wednesday, June 12, 2013

12 Days since!


i am SO SO SORRY.. for being MIA for sucha long time.
Year 2 has been Insane.

My first paper was alright i guess.. but i didnt have enough time to prepare for it.. so i just did my best. And with the amount of time I had for Evidence, I am satisfied with how my first paper went.

My second paper, Tort. It was back to back with Evidence. Didn't have enough time to prepare for Tort either. =( sighs. We were all swamped with Land and Trust classes and was pretty crazy. Anyways, i broke down.. really badly for Tort. I think i had anxiety attacks the night before Tort. I had a 2 day gap. The 1st day was really unproductive. Prolly exhausted from preparing for Evidence. And on the night before.. i couldn't study either. i kept falling asleep. Like, i'd be reciting, and i would suddenly just fall asleep, sitting down. haha. yeah. gosh. sufferrrrrr 99 man.

But around 12am, before i slept, i calmed down. And managed to study a little.
I guess, the biggest challenge during exams was moments when I had to decide to finally sleep, despite feeling unprepared. Regardless of whether i have covered everything or not.
And so it was as such for Tort. Tort is just wayyy too bulky. and so, i went to sleep, with much faith and trust that tomorrow, it would all go well.

Tort... was... difficult.
The kind of difficult where you're not even sure which chapters the question entails.
yeah.. it was nothing like our past year questions where it was clear enough to pick out the issues, etc. =( so yes, everyone was really emo after Tort. No idea why my year is always the guinea pig year. =(  The same thing happened for Trust. and I believe, most of us did the most preps for Trust. And so, i guess a whole lot of us were pretty demotivated after trust. Coz we put the most effort for trust, but yeah, the question structure etc, just had to change.

it was difficult, both tort and trust.. =(

i moved on.
Coz for me, i felt like i did my best. I did all i could, with whatever i had.
And so, the past is the past. because i can't do anything to change the past, but i can do so for the future. So after every paper, i moved on. Looked forward, and focused on the future. =)

And as always, I definitely couldn't have survived Year 2 if not for God's grace and mercy. He has always been looking after me.. always been there holding my hand and walking me through all these challenges. He has always been my source of strength and always will be. Couldn't have survived this year if not for Him. It was really stressful, it was really hectic and i even questioned the point of life if it was going to be as sad as how it was then.

I also wanna thank each and everyone of you who constantly encouraged me, supported me, prayed for me, showed me love and care. Without u guys, i would have hit rock bottom and stayed there. It was you guys, who helped me get back up and to keep climbing.



or so i thought.
Today was the first day, being able to finally stay at home. Eversince my exams ended, i have been out, every single day. And i didnt quite like it. =( ahhh. i was so hoping to u know, sleep in till noon.. or to just stay at home and just chill. Read some story books or watch tv series.. etc. but noooo. been out, every single day. Been lacking even more sleep compared to my exam periods. Why? dance. then sis and family came up to KL. and now, am currently working..

So yeah.. have to wake up at 6.30am every morning..
Reach home around 8pm plus plus.

Had a day off today coz i kena food poisoning. =.=!

but yes! need to work..coz in need of cash.
Finally got to run some errands today!
So yeah, been really busy ever since exams ended. I still await tho, a day where i can just chill at home and do absolutely nothing. haha.

Kay kay,
I shall update u guys some other time!
But this is what i've been up to. =)

Gots to sleep! Or else, gonna be a total zombie tmr. haha.
I know i still owe a lot of u guys a meet up!
But please be patient okay?
Bear with me! Sooner or later! rest assured. =)

till next time!


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