Saturday, October 30, 2010

Xams xams xammms.!

Hey hey hey!
i've missed blogging.

well, i did my economics paper 2 exam yesterday!
WHICH MEANS! theres only 2 more papers left!
and im done with my AS level exams! =D
and im half way till i complete A levels. =)

its crazy huh? its as if i just started college.
hahahaa.. and its going to be november in just a few days..
crazieeeeeee! =P

So how have exams been?
i've been asked this exact same question tonnes of times.
Well so far, i've done my Law Paper 1 and 2. Business Paper 1
and Economics Paper 2.
I've done my best and now everything is left in the hands of God.
Praise the Lord tht all papers so far have been alright. =)

just hoping for the best nw! =D

So two more papers to go. Business Paper 2 and Econs paper 1.
my exams officially end on the 10th of nov! =D
so yeah, we all know how life is when we're in the midst of exams right?
been really stressed up lately. DUH. exams man. hahahaha..
I cant help it! even if i tell myself not to,
at one point.. stress will just come naturally..
and its bad for me because.. everytime im stress..
i get my breathing problems. sighs. =(

so yeah, been getting alot of my breathing problems..
lately.. and also! exams.. really makes u SUPER DUPER TIRED!
so yeah.. exams. = Stressed + REALLY tired.

so thats the current situation.
my current situation. but i still go for dance every sat.
but its studying till at night after tht.
same thing everyday lah..wake up early..
study untill late at night. of course, i do take my breaks..
im only human, too. =P

I really cant wait to be done with exams coz..
theres really tonnes of things that i have to do..
but because of exams, they're currently on hold.
so right after exams it is still.. busy busy busy!
come to think of it, I AM ALWAYS BUSY! hahahaha..
so yeah. thats all for now. im reaaaally tired right now..
but figured i'd post an entry before i go to bed. =P

so yup! till after my exams! =)
i'll be back! =D

PS: my gosh. tonnes of pics to upload after my exams!


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