Sunday, October 31, 2010

Songs. Memories & People

You know how certain specific songs remind you of a certain moment, or a specific person, or a memory of wht ws happening when tht paticular song ws playing? Haha.. I have alot of em! Prolly coz im such a music freak. =P just randomly felt like blogging about random songs and wht or who it reminded me of. =P =)

What Hurts the most - Rascall Flatts.
-Reminds me of Calvin Siew and Beng when we had our first outing together, when we were walking pass a shop and calvin asked wht song it was and yada ya da yada. Hahaha..

A1's songs.
Reminds me of how me n my sibs used to impersonate their mtvs. Exactly! LOL! Even when they flew in the mtvs we'd take stools and 'fly' with em. Haha..

4ever-The Veronicas. Calvin

When it all falls apart-The Veronicas. Beng

Teenage Dream-Katy Perry. Kim & I at Mtv world stage!

Fireflies-Owl City. Qian & Jan @ Kampar xD

Smile-Uncle Kracker. Nick =)

Linger-The cranberries. Calvin

Vanilla Twilight-Owl City. Aaron.P

What I've Been Lookin For-HSM. The very first song beng intro-ed to me and she ws so happy i ws listening to it when calvin her and i were having a conference call. =)

Dont want to miss a thing-Aerosmith. My siblings.

U Smile,Baby-Justin Bieber. Nickammmm

Rude Boy- Rihanna. Kimberley ongg!

Diary- Tino Coury. Ching jee =D

Black & Gold: Andrea Chong!

Mickey Mouse theme song. Joseph Lai! =P

Sexy Chick -Sheryl Ho

Dont Matter-Akon. Calvin

Just the way You are- Nickam!

I wont dance-Qian

When i Fall in Love- Melissa Yap

If Thats Okay With You- Janning & Evonne siew

Since u been gone- Mel

The Fall-Pixie Lott. Calvin

If We ever meet again. Ching Jee

Someone to watch over me. Chloe Lim!

World Behind My Wall.When i called someone at Mtv worldstage to let hear Tokio Hotel when they were playing this song coz tht person couldnt make it to mtv worldstage. =)

Paramore Songs. My Brothers & Karyn Ong!

There Goes my Baby-Usher. Philip Chbeeb

HappY-Natasha B. Kim.. =)

Two is btr than one. Yi Yung

I will be. Yi Yung

Better in time. Boon Sin

Solo-Iyaz. Nick!

Solo- Jason derulo. Kim!

Love Song-Jamillions. Aaron.P

I wanna-AAR. Ban Ho & I at AAR's concert!

Saltwater Room-Owl City. Calvin

I know you want Me- Jovenne and Calvin. Haha.. When Calvin sang this song when we were at the shop he ws working at jov n i just couldnt stop lauging! XD!

You Belong With Me-Taylor Swift. Yogan! LOL.

I never told you. Andreaaa!

Someday Soon. Andrea!

One Wish-Ray J. My first solo @ my first showcase with Phileo

Sponge Bob Squarepants theme song. Chi wing!

Im Too Sexy-Bryan Yong!

BoomBoom Pow - Phileo

Joy To the world-Mariah Carey. MAD camp 2005! =) aww.

Fall For You - Secondhand Serenade. Kim and Karyn!
hahahaha i still have tht video!!! =P

And theres just so many more! Haha. Yeah. Seriously. Almost every song i hear brings back a memory or reminds me of someone. Haha. Random heyy??! But u can tell how i really recall all the lil details by heart. Really. It nvr took any effort for me to rmb all these. Haha. How random. How awesome too! Im really happy tht memories like these stick to my head without me trying. & they're really really precious kay. =P hahaa.

Alrighty. I've to start studying alrdy.. =(



    thks babe <3

  2. hahahaa i did it randomly ..blogged this post with my phone! and now i rmb tht i forgot to put in one song!


    reminds me of you me and kim in shan's room! the attic!

  3. Better in time. Boon Sin
    Yeah! you are right! :) I knew Leona Lewis from your blog's playlist ^^

  4. I'm associated with SEXY CHICK???? OMG! Such a compliment! hahaha! Thank you dear!

    p/s: joking la :P Hahaha! Cos it was the first time we did house right? :)

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  6. Boon Sin: haha we nvr fail to sing her songs when we go sing k! and from my blog and coz of my blog she's nw ur admired singer. nt bad huh? hahahaha..

    Jan: =) on the train. hahaaa..

    Sheryl: hahaha because during prac everytime during sexy chick u DAMN SEMANGAT and go all out one. =)