Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy, right where I am.

I'm currently in preparation for my final exam in my student life. (yes! the last exam sitting, ever! *hopefully* ) And yes, i know that many of you are confused as to why i'm still sitting for yet another exam even after i've graduated. haha.

Just to clarify, i'm currently preparing myself for a professional paper that i will be sitting for in July before I chamber with a law firm. So yes! My final exam before going out into the big-bad-world. Haha.

For the past 4 years, i've always been slogging at least 4-6 months before every exam during my degree. My course was such that I only had to sit for one exam at the end of every year. So I would usually commence my infamous "isolation from the world" period 6 months before my exam. During that time, I'd make sure I sleep enough hours because whats the point of studying so much but falling sick on the day of the exam, right? But what I always forsake during these periods was my fitness as well as making the effort to eat healthy. Time was never a luxury that i could afford and so i would always just eat anything that was quick,easy and fast. And we all know how its just terribly difficult and expensive to eat healthy when you're constantly away from home, stuck in the library.

I had terrible eating habits during these periods and to make things worse, i forego exercising as well. Because every second and minute was way too precious. So after my exams, every single year for the past 4 years, I always hated how i felt and look. I would've gained a few kgs and become all flabby. I hated how my stamina would drop so low and how I had to work hard for at least a few months to get back into shape. I hated feeling as such, every single time I was done with exams and I told myself, this year, I would not allow myself to feel like that again.

So although the up coming exam is terribly difficult and tough, although it is only less than 3 months away, I've been making a conscious effort to eat healthily - No fast food, processed food, etc. I've also been working out every single day, making a conscious effort to sleep earlier and get at least 7 hours of sleep every night but at the same time, keep up with my studies.

It's not easy. In fact, it has been quite a challenge to wake up really early so that I can exercise before leaving the house for the library or for a whole day of class, planning the night before what to eat, and at the same time, study and all. But it's worth it and I know it will be especially worth it when I am finally done with my exams, but still toned, fit and healthy.

Because all the money in the world cannot give me back the hours of sleep that i have lost or my health. Hence, all the conscious effort to not repeat what I've been doing for the past 4 years. 

And guess what?

I've never felt better! Although exams are drawing nearer, and time is of the essence, the pressure and stress is setting in, but doing all of this, is making me happy despite all the stress. Although the exam is a pretty big part of my life, it is JUST an exam and there is just way much more to life than an exam sitting. So yeah! I've made a choice to LIVE LIFE and to do what makes me happy. =) I feel so much more healthy, happy and I hope that I get to carry this with me until after my exams. =D

till next time!

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