Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I need a Holiday !

Hey peeps. And just like that, it's December already!
Maaan. It's so bad that i only have time to blog every once a month these days..
So many things have been happening.. and arghhh.. it's especially annoying when the things that happens, are those that pro-long and linger.. So much so, it makes me feel as if I am not able to move on with Lifeeeee.

For example, this "Hit and Run" saga that i've not been able to leave behind me ever since the month of May! It has been 7 long months and boy am I tired, and fed up. It has been such a tiresome process, so inconvenient and just, LONG. Just yesterday, i finally had the chance to get the results on the case and by God's grace, the third party is said to be in the wrong and thus, i can now proceed with the insurance claiming and all. OR SO I THOUGHT. Apparently, i was suppose to send the car to the panel workshop 7 days after making the report. I didn't know about this.. and the police asked me to wait for them to send the third party 2 notices. If he doesn't respond, I can proceed with the results and then the insurance. So apparently, i would have to write a letter and hopefully, they would accept my reason of delay. =( Otherwise, i would have to bring this case to court and make this an individual action. And i seriously have NO TIME whatsoever, for a court case right now. Not keen on a court case. Gah. =((((

This is so tiring. It's so easy sometimes to just give up.
and let bad people like him, walk away, free.
BUT NO! People like him, needs to learn that respect, regardless of age and race, is very very important. He must also learn to admit it when he has done something wrong. Yes, i sound like a mother, talking to my four year old kid or something. But regardless of age, everyone has the right to be spoken to, with respect, and regardless of age, be humble enough to admit your wrongs and faults.

I cannot stand, people who are ever so bold to do wrong unto others but cowardly hides and runs away when he has to own up to it. I cannot stand by and watch people like this get away. And so, i will finish what i started, and i will finish it strong!

Argh. I just want and hope to finish this whole saga before the new year comes. Don't want to bring this into the new year.

There are also a load of other issues that i have had to deal with over the year, not being able to get it to come to closure as soon as i have hoped. Why? because it is the actions of these other people that can do so. And so, all i can do is wait, and follow up.. and arghhhhh it's so annoying and frustrating when things are out of your control, u want to move on, leave all of this behind, but you cannot, because of other people's inefficiency! Sighs. It's frustrating, really.

Then there's studies. Oh where do i begin? Final year has been pretty crazy. The bulk. It's just overwhelming. I had a plan. But that plan isn't working out too well. And i'm kinda freaking out because time is flying like alksdjsjfhsf FAST. And guess what? My exam timetable is out! And it's exactly 6 months till my first paper!

" AIYAH. 6 months! that's still a long way to go lah okay?! "

6 months ain't a lot for a Law student. Trust me. TRUST ME.

It really isn't.
And i feel like i'm barely on track. Well it's not too bad la. It's not like i'm totally clueless but it's just that, it is my FINAL year in Law School and after all my hard work in the other years, i need.. NEED to do even better this year to obtain the results that i WANT. To graduate with a degree that is of GOOD results. And i don't plan on getting anything lower than a second upper.

yeah i know.. but sometimes, we need to do so i guess.

Ahhh there's just so many things that i want to do.. but so little time. Well isn't that always the case? Heh. And yeah.. i just feel like i really need some CHILL OUT TIME MAN.
*cry* I've been so busy, I haven't had proper time to workout on a consistent basis either. *gaaah.. sucky sucky* =(

I haven't had proper time for my dog either.
I've been a horrible owner. =(((

I haven't been able to take her out for walks, haven't had time to just play with her.. coz everytime i get home, i'll just feel so extremely exhausted, i'd shower or try to workout with whatever energy i have left and sleep. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaans. I need some recharging. Feel as though my Life is just really messy at the moment. Too many things on my mind.. don't even know how or where to place them.. or what to do with them.

Hope things will clear off ASAP.
I really need a free-er mind.


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